Where’s the Land?

      Before getting into the content of today‚Äôs post, I think it is important to acknowledge the recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. The bill may be a far cry from what Democrats campaigned on in recent years, but I think there are many things in the Act that will… Continue reading Where’s the Land?

Environmental Actions and “American Values”

Over the past couple years, I have read through various books and papers to form my working ideas on community-led universal basic services and to create material for this site. These materials have covered topics ranging from degrowth to doughnut economics to community farming and so forth. While I have found much of this literature… Continue reading Environmental Actions and “American Values”

Towards Community Motive

The pandemic inspired the creation of this website. Specifically, what the pandemic highlighted about life in the United States inspired this website. The problems mentioned below have deep roots going back many years. But, for many of us, the pandemic brought these problems into clearer focus and amplified their urgency.   Inspirations   I. Basic Needs… Continue reading Towards Community Motive