Is it possible to revive our local communities, provide basic services to all, and restore our natural environment?


Since the mid-20th century, communities across the United States have lost their abilities to meet their needs locally. Despite our country’s wealth, the pandemic has revealed how close so many of us are to destitution. We are less connected to each other, and we have seen too little progress on lowering our climate impacts. 


Many of us think that new technologies will eventually solve these problems—but what if that does not happen? Could local communities instead come together to provide free basic services to all their members: food, shelter, transport, healthcare, education, and so forth? 


If those basics could be guaranteed, how might your life, and society, change? It is possible for our communities to be more self-sufficient, to rely less on the unpredictability of markets or government. This site aspires to develop a theory and practice of Community-Led Universal Basic Services. Check out the links below to learn more.



Key building blocks towards establishing Community-Led Universal Basic Services.



Community stories, updates from field research, and other topics. New posts approximately every two weeks.



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