Thank you for visiting this site. My name is Joseph Luna, and I am a social scientist based in the Boston area. I created this site to be a resource for thinking about how we can reimagine our communities, economy, and broader society. The pandemic revealed many deeply rooted problems in the United States: the precariousness of meeting our basic needs, how polarized we have become on so many issues, and how far we have to go to ensure a better world for future generations. But it’s not enough to just be against this thing or that or to surrender to the negative; we need to envision something that we are for and figure out steps towards achieving it.


My passion is to understand and act upon the root causes of societal problems, and I have been lucky to have several opportunities to follow that passion. I have previously written on political financing in Ghana, and I have worked as a consultant to international-development projects and as a public-sector economist. I am now taking time off work to travel across the United States to write a book on how communities can come together to provide universal basic services to their members. 


To find out more, please follow my blog and newsletter and feel free to contact me below.